Why Skin By Joni?

All skin treatments are personalized based on your individual skin type and condition.  Before any facial begins, we will discuss exactly what to expect from the treatment.  I’ll answer any questions you may have about skin care and products.  Together, we personalize the treatment!


Upon entering Skin By Joni, prepare to relax and be pampered.  Your journey begins with deep breathing techniques and all over relaxation of the body, mind and spirit.  Comfort is key while receiving a treatment and clients are encouraged to just “sit there and look pretty” while I do all the work!

Each facial begins with a double cleanse and steam to thoroughly prepare the skin for subsequent treatments.  For facials 60 minutes or more, you will also receive exfoliation, extractions, masque, moisturization and sun protection.  A luxurious neck and shoulder massage is included.  You will leave relaxed!


Peels are customized based several key factors: 1) your current skin condition 2) your expectations 3) your skin’s expected tolerance.  My peels have no downtime and minimal (if any) flaking.  Each peel client is sent home with a complimentary 5 piece post care kit.  For best results, Skin By Joni asks that you refrain from heat, exercise and hot water for two days post-peel.

All prospective peel clients are required to have a consultation before the first peel.  Often clients will have the discussion while receiving a facial.

Hair Removal

I use high quality hard and soft waxes for hair removal.  Skin is throughly cleansed and prepped for optimal hair removal.  Want totally new brows?  Bring me a picture!  Just need maintenance, no problem!  Many clients will have their brows waxed prior to a facial.  I take great care to ensure the process is as painless as possible.  Following any hair removal, your skin is treated to post care and sun protection.

For Best Results

How do I make the most of my treatment?  Remembering that this is YOUR treatment is key to an amazing facial.  Let’s communicate exactly what you want and we will do our best to make that happen.  Want it warmer, colder, different music?  Just ask!  Want to spend the duration of the facial asking me skin care and product questions?  Please do!  Want quiet time and to leave your troubles at the door?  Easy, let me know!  Let’s work together to make it the best facial you’ve ever had.  Arriving a few minutes early will get you mentally prepared. Remember to turn off your cell phone it’s essential for relaxation.


Treatment times are intended as a guideline.  Please allow an additional 15 minutes for changing clothes and questions, etc.

Arriving Late & Reschedules

Chances are that I have scheduled a client after you.  Please be courteous and arrive on time.  We regret that late arrivals may result in a shorter treatment time.

Need to reschedule or running late?  Please call or text 925-323-2920 as soon as possible.

Client Safety & Sanitation

Client safety is extremely important at Skin By Joni.  All precautions are used to keep the facility clean and disinfected. All tools and linens are cleaned according to the State of California guidelines.  If you are contagious we ask that you reschedule your appointment for the safety of our clients and employees.

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