Got a Teenager with Acne?

Life as a teenager is hard enough. Pressures from school, an ever complicated social life and throw in uncontrollable acne, things can get a little stressful. Teens are often embarrassed by the spots on their faces, but fear not, there is hope!

It may seem to acne sufferers and their parents that all is lost, and acne is a right of passage through the tumultuous waters of teenage life. However, there are several tried and true ingredients and new products that can help tremendously.

Although they can exacerbate the problem, acne is not directly caused by foods that you eat or a less than perfect skin care routine. To put it simply, it’s caused by puberty hormones that trigger oil. The excess oil and accumulation of dead skin cells within a pore start to build up. Sometimes this leads to a bump that has a black or a white head. If bacteria gets into the mix, a pustule may form. These pustules are also known as zits that we all dread and want to pop.

So, what’s a teenager to do? First and foremost, consistent cleansing and treatments need to happen on a daily basis. Begin with cleansing your skin twice a day with a clean soft washcloth and a mild alcohol-free cleanser. Avoid over scrubbing, it can make things worse. If you have mostly blackheads, look for a treatment product with 2% salicylic acid, if you have pustules, use salicylic acid and 5% benzoyl peroxide.

If you have mild acne, mostly blackheads, whiteheads and the occasional pustule it can be controlled by over the counter products and an occasional trip to the esthetician. If you are suffering from 10+ pustules and have painful large nodes or cysts, you would benefit from visiting a dermatologist.

The point is that your acne can be controlled and you can have clear skin. If you are willing to do your part at home you can be acne free!

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